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Why Hatton Garden?

Walk into a Hatton Garden restaurant or coffee shop, and you might overhear two unfamiliar words, again and again: “Mazal U’Bracha.” It’s Hebrew for “May we have luck and blessings,” and is the phrase traditionally used by diamond dealers to seal a deal. Welcome to London’s diamond dealing district, where deals worth tens of thousands of pounds can be sealed with the shake of a hand in a backroom. Buying a diamond here is an experience like no other. It’s the real deal, and Sterling Diamonds, located in the diamond bourse at 100 Hatton Garden, is at the heart of the action.
Hatton Garden’s history goes back to medieval times, when the surrounding area, Clerkenwell in particular, was known for its jewellers and clock-makers. It became synonymous with diamonds in the late 19th century, when diamond giant De Beers set up here, drawing other diamond merchants and wholesalers in its wake, and turning London into an internationally recognised hub for the diamond trade. For years, they sold mainly to each other. The local diamond traders travelled far and wide – to Antwerp, then at the centre of the diamond world, and later to India, the US and Israel – to source the best diamonds, and of course welcomed return visits from overseas buyers.


What they didn’t know about diamonds wasn’t worth knowing… In the 1960s, the area’s character changed again, when jewellers selling to the general public began to appear. There are today 50-odd shops selling ‘finished’ engagement rings, wedding rings and other jewellery, with the diamonds already in their setting. Together, these retailers form the largest collection of jewellery stores in the UK. A walk past the shop fronts on Hatton Garden is, quite literally, dazzling! But behind them, in offices above the bustling bourse and all over the area, the older tradition of diamond dealing continues to power the district.
This is where the real knowledge of diamonds resides – and Sterling Diamonds is a proud part of it. A family-run firm, we have specialised in diamonds for decades, and have an international network of contacts to draw upon when sourcing your gemstone. So if you want to make sure your diamond not only looks gorgeous, but is the best your money can buy…. If you would like to understand exactly what you’re purchasing, and order a diamond to your specifications…. If you are looking for a diamond that is both unique and bespoke…. Why not book a personal consultation in our offices in the bourse (020 7242 4552). We’d love to and make your engagement story part of the long, magical history of Hatton Garden.
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