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Top Trends for Engagement Rings in 2016

When it comes to engagement rings, you won’t have to go far to see what’s in vogue. A quick search online will bring up picture after picture of cutting-edge designs, reflecting the latest trends! The rise in ‘’ring selfies’’ posted by happy fiancés on social media sites such as Facebook and Pinterest will give you a good indication of what’s hot, from large-cut single stones to more non-traditional, intricate pieces.


While round solitaire stones remain a popular choice, people are opting for different cuts, with emerald, pear, and square styles particularly trendy.

Diamond clusters

Finger fashion is definitely getting sparklier. Instead of a single showstopper stone such as the Tiffany-style solitaire, many are choosing designs with diamonds clustered around the centre stone, as well as embedded in the bands.

Twisty bands

The bands themselves seem to be getting more unusual, beyond the more classic court and D-shaped. Knots, swirls and cross-overs, for instance, are in greater demand.


The diamond industry has definitely witnessed a return and reverence to vintage designs, inspired by pieces from the Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian and Art Deco periods.


When Kate Middleton wore Princess Diana’s blue sapphire with diamond halo several years ago, there was a considerable rise in demand for the blue stone. This trend has continued with couples being more adventurous and opting for other colours, either in favour of, or paired with white diamonds. Today’s most popular coloured stones are blues, yellows, oranges and browns. Some women love pink morganite for its pretty fine pink tones. However - coloured precious stones might well be on the rise, particularly in Asia and the Middle East, yet we don’t believe they will ever eclipse the illustrious white diamond, which remains the universal stone of choice for engagement rings!


While platinum engagement rings and white gold engagement rings continue to be the leading choices, there has been a resurgence of rose and yellow gold. Celebrities helping to fuel this fashion include Sarah Jessica Parker, who wears an emerald cut diamond on a yellow gold band, Cameron Diaz, who has a gold-studded ring, and Jennifer Anniston, who sports a gold and diamond band. Israeli super model Bar Rafaeli has also been pictured wearing a thin yellow gold band and cushion-cut solitaire.


The wedding band and any other accompanying rings seem are playing an increasing part in the overall look of the engagement ring. It has become more about the ‘whole picture’, accommodating unusual wedding bands that fit together with the design. You may have come across stackable rings, which have become very trendy. It is not unusual to see anniversary, engagement, wedding and eternity rings all sitting stacked up together on one finger!

Stones with Stories

The back-story behind the stones has also become increasingly significant for consumers. You might want to know the ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘where’ and ‘when’ behind the diamonds you’re buying, and of course that they are ethically-sourced. 

In our 30-plus years of dealing in diamonds, we have tracked down many different stones, each one with their own story and sentiment. Yours could be next. Ultimately, though, when buying your ring, bear in mind that trends come and go. Tastes change. And while couples are being more adventurous, opting for elaborate designs to customise their rings, the more traditional classic styles will always be fashionable. 

The solitaire cut diamond ring in the world-renowned ‘Tiffany Setting’ is still a best-seller and the most imitated engagement ring design. Some things are timeless - like blue jeans and black leather jackets, or the little black dress. To find the right ring for you, please book a personal consultation or phone 020 7242 4552. We’ll make sure your ring is unique, bespoke, and utterly beautiful.
To find the right ring for you, please book a personal consultation by phoning 020 7242 4552. We’ll make sure your ring is unique, bespoke, and utterly beautiful.
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