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Diamond Gift Ideas for Every Occasion

Diamonds make perfect presents – and not just for engagements. They are after all, a girl’s best friend. A rising number of men are also sporting diamonds these days in a world that has become increasingly more ‘bling’.

Eternity rings

Eternity rings have become increasingly popular over recent years and for good reason. These rings, featuring a continuous circle of small stones, represent everlasting love. Some people say that each stone symbolises something about their relationship. An eternity ring can be stacked on the same finger as the engagement and wedding bands if it fits, or often it is worn on the ring finger of the other hand. Typically, eternity rings will either have diamonds all the way around the ring or just half way. The former, although more sparkly, is slightly more complicated – and pricier – as they have to be made to size. Having stones just part of the way round make it much easier to modify if need be. The size of the stones can also be changed. They make beautifully romantic gifts to tie in with special moments in your life such as an anniversary, birth of a child (aka  ‘a pushing present’ for the new mum), or just to say ‘I love you’.

Earrings & pendants

Earrings & pendants make ideal birthday, Christmas, Valentines and anniversary presents. Classic and classy, they do not need resizing. Single-stone studs and solitaire pendants are often given for a first wedding anniversary. You might want to go for a set of studs and a matching pendant – a single stone in each ear with a larger stone, or cluster of smaller stones, for the pendant.

Multiple stone pieces

For other anniversaries, multiple-stone pieces might be more suitable, such as a two-stone ring, which can be worn on a different finger to your engagement ring. You might also wish to go for a two-stone pendant representing two people together. Of course, more stones can be added to represent other milestones/people/children at a later date. If you’re feeling really romantic, three stone diamond rings traditionally symbolise love between a man and a woman beyond the frontiers of time - incorporating the past, the present and the future.

Tennis bracelets

If searching for something other than earrings or a pendant, you won’t go wrong with a line bracelet, aka a ‘tennis’ bracelet. First used in the late 1980s to describe a fine string of diamonds, it is now used more widely to describe any row of gemstones worn on the wrist. This simple, elegant and timeless piece earned its sporty name after the former world number one tennis player, Chris Evert, asked the umpire to stop play so she could look for her bracelet, which had fallen off during a match in the 1987 US Open. The style has been known as the tennis bracelet ever since. Lightweight, versatile and super sparkly, it is the perfect gift for any occasion – one your partner will be proud to wear on their wrist. Unsurprisingly, Tiffany & Co has its own best-selling versions, which we can do our best to replicate, or we will work with you to create something more unique that your partner will love. Dressed up or dressed down, diamond jewellery has become a woman’s wardrobe staple, no longer set aside for a formal or special occasion. But what remains special is the sentiment behind it and this is something that we never underestimate when helping you choose the perfect gift. If you’d like help picking a piece of diamond jewellery which will be meaningful as well as unique, please call us for a personal consultation on 020 7242 4552.
If you’d like help picking a piece of diamond jewellery which will be meaningful as well as unique, please call us for a personal consultation on 020 7242 4552.
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