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How we source our diamonds

“I’m looking for a pink diamond.”

It’s not every day you get a request like that!

Our client wanted to give his wife a present for a special anniversary, and had his heart set on an unusual, spectacular, piece of jewellery.

The challenge was finding the exact right shade of pink. While the client was keen on a round stone, we knew that the colour would not appear strong enough with that cut, and advised him that it would look more impressive with an oblong radiant (a rectangle with cut corners).

With that settled, we put in a call to a diamond dealer in the United States, who recommended a supplier in Australia with a considerable stock of pink stones.

It wasn’t even polished yet!

The one our client decided was perfect had quite literally just been mined; it wasn’t even polished yet! It took four weeks for it to be ready (in plenty of time for the anniversary), and when it arrived, it was breath-taking. Choosing a ring with a diamond dealer is quite different to choosing one from a high street jeweller. In the shop, you look at what’s available – and that’s your choice. With a diamond dealer, we’ll go the ends of the earth to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Here’s how Sterling Diamonds sources its diamonds

Once we’ve agreed the type of diamond you’re looking for – carats, clarity, size, cost and so on – we’ll see whether we have any suitable stones in stock. If not, and often even if we do, we’ll visit our suppliers’ websites, to see what they have as well. They give us access to a wealth of information which does not appear on the diamond certificate, such as whether the diamond is hazy, where any blemishes are located and whether they can be seen with the naked eye, so we can make a really informed decision. If we see a stone that seems to meet our criteria, we speak to the supplier (often as far afield as India, the USA, Belgium, Hong Kong or Israel) to get a verbal description, and advice on whether the diamond is a good buy or not.

Of-course, we also ascertain that it is conflict-free and carries a Kimberley Process certificate, showing that the rough diamonds were shipped in a container that could not be tampered with, and did not profit rebel movements, so that you know that your diamond is ethically sourced.

Ultimately, you get to choose from several stones, which you can see as regular pictures, or as 3D images.

And of course, you then have your choice of settings as well (but that’s another story…). 90% of our rings are manufactured in the UK.

The advantages of working with a diamond dealer include cost; because we cut out the middleman, and often even go straight to the manufacturers of the stone, we can ensure you get the best possible price for your purchase.

We have access to diamonds you would otherwise never see (even pink ones…), information about the stones you would otherwise never get, and expertise which you won’t find elsewhere.

Our clients also tell us that they love the excitement of going directly to the diamond dealer, in the buzzing diamond bourse - and truthfully, even after years of working here, it never wears off! So if you are looking for a diamond that is truly bespoke, unique and special, and want more choice than anyone else, please do give us a call on 020 7242 4552. We’ll personally guide you through the process, so that you are confident in your choice of ring, and can be proud of what you’ve bought.
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